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She is a R.N., the Director of Education for the manufacturer of the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device since 2000. She has used this system full time in her Biofeedback practice in Tucson, Arizona, since 2001.

You are invited to phone Chris for answers to any questions that you might have regarding the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device . She will also outline the practical usability of the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device for your specific needs. You will find her approach to be clear, direct, with no sales pressure EVER. 


Your discount comes with a full training program designed specifically for your needs.

  • 1. Chris Simon's own special Professional Discount in addition to ANY company promotional retail price.
  • 2. Free, advanced training and mentoring after basic training has been completed by the new practitioner.
    This is valued at $1500. Your advanced training will be customized to meet YOUR specific needs.
    Chris has trained over a thousand individuals ranging from Medical Doctors to individuals with no medical background who were wishing to establish a new career or would like to use the system for their own or familiy’s health and wellness.

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CHRIS SIMON is your advocate and will always provide her personal professional discount regardless of any other retail price being offered. She is here to help you determine how to best move forward!

PLEASE CALL or email me to schedule a free one-on-one appointment to discuss any questions you might have.

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A Message From Chris

First of all, I love my work! It is my great privilege to have worked for so many years as a critical care/emergency nurse helping my patients live through devastating health situations, recovering their well-being and their lives. My experience in nursing provides insight in my work with patients while using the advanced neurofeedback programs in the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device. Thus, I am able to address the complicated underlying causes of post-traumatic stress, emotional and physical issues and a wide range of chronic illnesses.

In my clinic for over 16 years, and as a senior educator for new practitioners using this amazing professional technology, I find it extremely gratifying to have developed the ability to teach them how to accurately identify and release key areas of negative stress for their own clients. I find that mentoring new practitioners or novices in this way em-powers them to assist their clients from day one to begin to self-heal from many facets of trauma and illness.

Professional Biofeedback Device

What exactly is the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device and is it easy to learn how to use it?

The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device is a highly acclaimed 21st-Century neurofeedback, brain entrainment transformational technology. It combines traditional concepts of biofeedback with science and technology, and it is designed to scan the entire energetic field of the body to evaluate and release thousands of stress configurations in the brain, body and mind through its special programs.

In short — I have taught both professionals and novice practitioners across the world, to use the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device for business or personal use and all have been surprised and pleased with how easy it is to learn and use!

It is specifically programmed to help re-establish ideal brain circuitry by sending harmonizing, normal-range frequency "messages" to any part of the brain or organ in the body that has been impacted by trauma or illness. The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device was designed to help both practitioners and clients identify, and reprogram the constrictions of even severe emotional and physical trauma and to release the effects of negative stress in a full spectrum of acute, chronic physical and mental issues.

The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device was first renown in Europe, where it was tested rigorously through double blind studies by European Medical Institutions. It is the only device of its kind to be awarded the rare and highest certification achievable; the German TUV Certification of Assurance in the European Union, as a Class 2A Medical Instrument. This certification is similar to our FDA certification in the USA, but harder to achieve. The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device is also registered in the USA, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a computer-aided brain entrainment method, based on biofeedback, that can improve the brain’s ability to self-regulate, maintain harmonic flexibility, and smoothly shift between states of relaxation and arousal. Since the brain also controls emotional regulation, attention regulation, and affect regulation, brain/body training in this way can ultimately allow the entire central nervous system to resume normal, relaxed functioning, while relieving the debilitating effects of trauma and illness.

Neurofeedback used within the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device can change the memory patterns of a traumatized brain and body and restore the lives of many individuals who are impacted by traumatic stress and chronic anxiety.

The body and brain hold memory of stress and severe trauma in ways that form chronic patterns of pain and a fractured mental and emotional system that can cause many ateas of one’s life to fall apart, as well as chronic illnesses to form.

There are exciting new developments in biofeedback through the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device, that can provide real time or virtual support for those suffering from severe trauma and emotional abuse by using dynamic healing “frequencies” or signals to help release the extremes of acute stress and fear on all levels in the brain, emotions, nervous system, and through the mind and body.

How exactly do I apply this device in my work?

In my years of work with traumatic stress and chronic health conditions, I have developed specific protocols unique to my practice, utilizing the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device, that address the many debilitating effects of trauma, including PTSD and even acute emotional, mental and physical issues. By also utilizing over 7,000 different items in the extensive database of the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device, I am very quickly able to identify negative stress and gently release it, at the same time offering a means by which I am easily able to engage with my client about their traumatic experiences.

Together, my client and I release the layers of stress, and re-balance the causes and effects of one or many issues such as: fear, anxiety, developmental trauma, acute depression, anxiety, exhaustion, physical ailments, brain imbalances, mental confusion, emotional instability, exhaustion, chronic illness and addiction.

Within the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device are over 30 specific frequency-based programs that took many years to develop, enabling practitioners to be an advocate for their client’s self-healing, as they identify, release and balance the traumatic stress the client has experienced from emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual trauma, as well as other constrictions that can arise from all types of abuse.

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How does the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device Operate?

We begin by creating each client’s unique individual ID. We use a recent photograph, date of birth, city, state where they were born, and the exact current address of where they are located.

The sophisticated program uses a special GPS-style satellite tracker to identify the exact location of each client whether utilizing the harness or in a virtual mode. The entire evolution of this proprietary system was originally built on a remote (virtual) platform, to administer to individuals in areas of the world who had limited or no access to medicine and treatment. Either mode, with the harness directly applied, or virtually, is effective, providing far-reaching potentials for use in many countries across the world.

All this information is then entered into the computer demographics program, along with highly personalized affirmations, if desired, covering everything from emotional well-being, shifting health challenges, self-healing, improved relationships and more. We have found that encouraging our clients to participate and share how they feel as we proceed, can bring awareness to their own self-healing and facilitate a more rapid recovery

As the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device sends healing frequencies to each client, identified negative stressors of trauma and illness begin to unravel and release, freeing up energy that has been “held” in the cells and body, often for many years, thus creating a more spacious environment for self-healing, with what many say is a noticeable feeling of relief and inner peace.

To understand more about how we utilize the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device, it is helpful to know a little about how severe trauma, and stress can hijack functionality of many areas in the brain and body.

The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device is programmed to help re-establish ideal brain circuitry by sending harmonizing, normal-range frequency "mes-sages" to any part of the brain or organ in the body that has been impacted by trauma.

In my practice, I might utilize a PTSD protocol, that releases negative traumatic stress stored in areas of the brain and body, then focus on re balancing the emotions and those frequencies that are most commonly disrupted by severe trauma: the limbic system of the brain, the vagus nerve, and the medial per-frontal cortex of the brain.

Today we know that the integrity of our body cannot be maintained by biochemical processes alone. These processes can be slow and inert. But our body itself possesses a high speed, solid state, semi conductive electronic network that reaches to every part of the body and involves all our cells and organs.

If we can also understand that within this electronic network is a highly sophisticated electromagnetic field that represents each and every organ system of the body, that maintains a coherent communication between our cells, organs and all body systems. It is by working with this sophisticated network, often directly through the brain, that neurofeedback with the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device excels in re balancing all areas of the body, by restoring its electromagnetic field so remarkably.

Each living cell in our body oscillates, vibrating and continuously communicating signals that are vital to life. As each cell oscillates continually to maintain good health, it is programmed to continuously communicate to our body, to receive, send, and interpret subtle electromagnetic signals that harmonize the body. In order to maintain a healthy operating system in our body, our cells must achieve an uninterrupted, continual healthy oscillating in order to communicate a harmonious balance to our organs and body. If this delicate balance is interrupted, as it can be in severe or even mild trauma and shock, these critical oscillations can become confused and lose their equilibrium, causing cells to send meaningless signals, which can initiate disease.

The use of neurofeedback with the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device can be as a stand alone, or in conjunction with other modalities and medicine to re balance interrupted cell oscillation to increase stress resiliency, cognitive flexibility, and greatly reduce the effects of severe trauma more rapidly than therapy by itself.

For all patients suffering from PTSD and severe emotional and physical trauma, this is a life-changing opportunity for self-healing; to be provided with deep and complimentary assistance for recovery that they sorely need to get through their challenges and return to more vibrant and peaceful lives!

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PLEASE NOTE: The L.I.F.E. System is a biofeedback device that is registered with the FDA as a Biofeedback device ONLY. It is NOT a Class 2 Medical Device. It is not intended to do anything more than treat stress and it is not intended to and will not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, prescribe or prevent any medical condition or disease.


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